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Welcome to the Chimmy Challenge!  

The Chimmy Challenge was the brain child of  16 year old Camryn Colahan and her family.  During Cam's own treatment journey she was graciously honored and supported by an unbelievable army of athletes and friends from schools and club teams throughout Northern Ohio.  She and her mom, Aimee, would frequently discuss how to turn that awesome momentum into something bigger to benefit not just Cam but countless others facing pediatric cancer battles just like her!  Athletes may be fierce competitors on the court, but when adversity rises, they band together to support and raise each other up!  The two main goals of the Chimmy Challenge are to raise awareness for pediatric cancer and to raise much needed funding for research efforts to develop new treatment options for children.

How can you participate?

Your team or club can put on your own benefit game to raise awareness and raise money to make a donation directly to this years chosen research team at the Children's Cancer Therapy Development Institute!

You do this just like you would any other benefit game with raffles, 50/50's and we even have t-shirts available for you to sell at your event, you will receive special pricing for bulk orders and also game day jerseys you can purchase to support the cause!


You can individually or as a team select a specific stat (think kills, digs, 3-pointers, goals, touchdowns etc.) and collect pledges for the total number of that stat for the season. Then at the end of the season collect and make your donation!

Where do we register?


Once we receive your registration make sure you reply to our welcome email with a team/individual picture or short video to be posted on our Challenge Home Page!




Register HERE for the Chimmy Challenge!!

Thanks for submitting!

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